Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dear Readers......

As someone who hopes to one day have a book nestled on a shelf at Barnes and Noble, the library, or even the book section of Amazon, I feel the need to give a shout out and some love to the people who make those places possible.


God bless readers. You pick up a square object with sheets of paper, a little ink, and you climb into the little (or big) world that the author created. You root for the protagonist and boo the antagonist. You cry, cheer, and sometimes are just genuinely pissed at the ending. You will argue with other readers and professional reviewers who just don't get what the writer was trying to say. You're thrilled when you hear the book is being made into a movie, and frustrated beyond belief when you find out the person cast for the lead character looks nothing like what you pictured in your head. Readers are detailed, analytical, critical, and brutally honest. Most of all, they are the person we most want to impress. They are the ones we are working for. It is their love we're trying to earn, so to speak.

The reason for all of this is that I got some love this month. Two of the people who so generously offered to read/critique my book for me, delivered their feedback. I've said it before and I will say it again. Letting someone else read your writing is downright scary. I would liken it to giving someone the ability to read your mind. Why would anyone do such a thing right? And yet writer's do it - ALL THE TIME. 

That being said, the feedback outweighs the paralyzing terror.
I'm kidding. It's not that bad......(Yes it is.)

The point is they both gave feedback that was analytical, detailed, and completely honest, while at the same time being very kind. They told me what they loved, what made them laugh and what broke their heart. They also showed me what needed work, what didn't ring true, and most importantly, suggestions for how to make it better. They both are writers as well, but their investment in wanting to help me make it better, is what makes them a reader. 

So to all my the readers out there - Thank you....
I'll keep working until I get it right :)