About Me......

About me....

  • Married/Co-habitator/Co-conspirator/Co-pilot with "Hubby" (who may appear in future posts.) 
  • We live in Buffalo, NY, USA, with Gus and Murphy and their big brother Oreo, who came to live with us after my mom passed away. They all fill the house after the loss of our two previous kids - Kimmer and Daisy. Just like Kimmer and Daisy, they now rule the house. 


  • Hubby and I love to go flying around the area... He's the pilot, and I'm the photographer. Let's not mix the two up, or we're all in trouble.


  • I dabble in most things creative but suffer from a bad case of startanewprojectitis...I have 4 uncompleted scrapbooks, about a gazillion photos that should be printed and framed, 3 knitting projects that one day may make 1 entire scarf, about 10 unfinished short stories, 2 completed books, 1 work in progress, and....a partridge in a pear tree.

  • My dream job would be to read. All day long, with writing thrown in every other hour. I'm still waiting to see that job posting in the want ads.

  • I have a useless talent for remembering movies, music, and TV trivia, but no job postings with that description either.

  • Obsessions - Taylor Swift (and her writing process), writing bags, notebooks, stickers, coffee cups, Starbucks sugar cookies lattes, lip gloss, Schitt's Creek, hooded sweatshirts, and naps.

  • My idea of Heaven - a hammock, a fully stocked bookcase, music, grapefruit vodka, crab legs, snuggling kitties, lilacs, coffee with no jitters, Ryan Gosling, and hubby.

  • My idea of Hell - hot dogs, olives, black licorice, marriage without humor/respect/LOVE, people who complain and have nothing to complain about, no naps, and Bullies.