Thursday, November 29, 2012

Emotional Decorating......

I'm an odd person when it comes to emotional things. I don't always get emotional over the things I should and other times the smallest things can set me off. This week it was Christmas ornaments. Am I the only person in the world who tears up over Christmas ornaments?

This is the first ornament that goes on my tree every year. My grandmother passed away from cancer the day before my 2nd birthday. She was so ill that that Christmas that she couldn't do any shopping, but had ornaments purchased for all of her grandchildren. This little reindeer was mine. I have no memories of her, but somehow this makes me feel a little closer to her. And that begins the emotions.

These two belonged to my husband as a child, also a gift from his grandmother. I love how delicate they are and that his initials and the year are engraved on them.

I got this ornament when my nephew (who is now a 7th grader!) was just a baby. Look at those cheeks! I love this picture of my mom holding him.

 This was a wedding gift, engraved with our name and the year. It was one of three that we received. I love the simplicity of it.


My husband received airplane themed ornaments growing up, and I've carried on the tradition each year. 

I love the details in all of these.......


And how adorable is this cat in an airplane??? I crack up every time I see it.

Speaking of two little buddies. Don't know what I would do without them.


 One of my new favorite ornaments - this was made by a very talented friend. I would never have the patience!

Last, but not least....another one that makes me tear up; mainly because I tear up at this show every year. Come on, tell me you don't? I teared up for another reason this year, as it seems to be broken. It should light up along with playing Linus explaining the real meaning of Christmas. Alas, not this year. But I still love it.... :)

So, are you emotionally attached to any of your ornaments?

~ Adrienne