Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Best Laid Plans......

Lately I feel like someone is testing my how many issues (big and small) can we throw in your path to disrupt your ambition? Issues like my ongoing eye trouble.....which really I'm tired of talking about. All I will say is that one should not have their eye surgeon on speed dial and said surgeon should not be responding to my texts at 7am....'Nuff said......

So anyway.....last week was a vacation for hubby and I. 
So after a week filled with things like :

I should have been completely rested and ready to take on the world. In fact my plans this week were to do some of this........

                                            and some of this............
But, thanks to recycled airplane air.......instead my week entailed this:

so now I feel like this........

 But I am determined to do some kind of writing this weekend, even if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I just need to get back on track and back into the process......

I have to feel better - next week is our annual fall trek for pumpkins, wine tasting and doughnuts....... :)

See you all again very soon!!

~ Adrienne


  1. Was hoping that you would be on the mend and back to your old self. I hope that you are feeling better...sooner than soon.
    You get an 'A' for effort on your post.


  2. Talked to mom tonight and she is sick too. It's been going around school and Johnny just got over it as well. He just finished an antibiotic and also missed one day of school. Hoping you are feeling better!

  3. Oh, Adrienne - isn't that always what happens after vacations?? :( Hope you're feeling better and get back into writing soon...can't wait for you to finish that book!

  4. @Opinions...I will keep trying LOL :) Thanks for hanging in there....

  5. @ Jackie - Yup and now hubby has it too. Let's get all of this out of the way before the holidays start up shall we? :)

  6. @ Kim - I guess I never got the memo that this is what you do after vacation - LOL. I just need to keep plodding along and hopefully now we can motivate each other even more!

  7. Loved reading this....I miss you! We should really get together before the Super Bowl! Well...if life remains so crazy at least this blog will give me a regular reminder of what a great person and friend you are! Thanks for sharing. I just started a blog as well- just a running record of the new things I implement in my classroom. Probably not much interest to you, but maybe some of your teacher friends might be interested?
    I have not posted the link anywhere yet, mostly because I feel like I barely have time to breath lately. Check it out if you have a moment. Talk to you soon...

  8. @ Kate - You have ESP...thought of you all week and how I owed you a message and we so need to catch up. I'm all too familiar with no room to breathe. Yeah for the blog - I will definitely check it out and pass it on. Email you this week. :)