Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Testimonial

It's all about the Fire.........
        I have a confession to make......I've been cheating on my books. I've started something of an affair with the..... Kindle Fire.

      How did it come to this? How did I fall into such an addiction? After all, I was the one who swore up and down that I could not do without real, actual books. I love bookstores, the smell of books, the heft of them, collecting them. I was the girl in the Kindle commercial who says that she likes the satisfaction of folding the page down to mark your place. I'm the person who goes to rummage and garage sales and the clearance rack at Barnes & Noble, searching out a great book bargain. (I even wrote a post where I bragged about buying 32 books.) I have books in every room in my house; they've taken over my nightstand, the top of my dresser, all the book cases, baskets on the floor and the coffee table. I couldn't pass up a book deal. I was in a word addicted, and that became an issue. See, I'm also one of those who doesn't get rid of my books, unless I absolutely hated it. So needless to say, at the rate I was going, I was going to need another house for all of my books. I'm pretty sure Hubby wasn't going to fall for that, so something had to give.
       So I started listening when people extolled the virtues of all the tablets available out there. I started looking at the different options in stores, just as a detour on the way to look at something else....I wasn't serious after all. Then right before Christmas, Amazon came out with the new Kindle Fire. Reading a review that likened it to the Apple Ipad, (without the Apple price) is what pretty much sold me.

NOTE - There are a lot of options out there for tablets and I think they all have great features. I will not be debating one against the other here, just listing why I took up said affair with the Kindle.

       Things I love about my Kindle Fire:
  • Portable
  • Tons of options for books (in the past if I wanted to take books on a trip, I had to try and guess what genre I would be in the mood for, and find room in my bags for at least 3 book choices. Now I can have hundreds in one spot.
  • Amazon Prime (a yearly membership) gives me unlimited streaming of TV shows, certain movies and one free book a month from their lending library. I read the popular Hunger Game series with this option.
  • Their are hundreds of other free book options that you can download. (I downloaded The Velveteen Rabbit and Les Miserables.)
  • E-books tend to be a little bit cheaper than paper copies, which means I can buy more :) :)
  • The Kindle can be used as an Ipod.
  • Web access
  • Email access
  • You can download a ton of free games - Memory Trainer, Tetris, Solitaire, Majong, and yes even Angry Birds. Although in my opinion, that is the true addiction that you have to watch out for!
  • Color Graphics
  • Very user friendly
  • And 2 of my personal favorites.......
    You can bookmark a page, as well as highlight passages.

    So, while my pulse will always quicken at the sight of fully stocked bookshelves and I will still frequent my local bookstores, I now have an alternative option. One that will not involve Hubby having to build me another house......and that makes all of us very happy.

    So, does anyone else share my addiction?
    If so, what are your favorite features?

    ~ Adrienne


  1. A kindred spirit! Hubbie got me what was the new kindle at Christmas because he was fed up tripping over my books, and despite the fact I feel like I'm committing adultery at times I love my kindle and I don't know how on earth I managed without one (doesn't stop me buying a few books now and again though :D).

  2. @ Mummy - I knew there had to be more of me out there. :) It does feel like cheating, but I make myself feel better knowing the summer rummage sales are coming and there are plenty of books left to rescue.....hubby needs to get working on the bookshelf he promised me!