Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nothing like Nostalgia......

Nostalgia is an amazing thing.....one minute you're driving along in your current day to day life, and a song comes on the radio; a song you haven't heard since you were in college. In my case the song was "She's a Beauty," an 80's classic. In an instant I was on a bar stool at a local college hangout, singing along with my friends. Although I attended college in the late 90's, this particular bar was known for playing old school 80's music (probably to draw in people like us). Our friend Scott bar tended there and was known to offer a free drink to anyone who could name the band and song title. He would sing along at the top of his lungs, playing drums on the bar. I was overwhelmed by the vividness of that memory - how in one instant I was back there with my friends on a Saturday night, absolutely loving life. Don't get me wrong; my life now is very good and I wouldn't trade it for anything......but I might give up an hour or two just to go back and hang out for a drink and one more song.....

I was hit with another flash of nostalgia today, when a new ad for the Superbowl was announced.  This ad for the new Honda CR-V was on the Today Show this morning......"Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?"
That's right, Honda has taken the classic 80's movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and made it into (what I believe), will be a great marketing tool. Those of us who came of age in that time period should be hit with some pretty good memories. I love the intro where he speaks to the camera about this being his worst performance, and yet his boss bought it. However, I was a little saddened when the person covering the story, commented on the fact that Matthew Broderick is now 49!!

(What?? Ferris isn't ageless??).....time really doesn't stop, does it? I'm also disappointed that Cameron and Sloane weren't part of the commercial - wouldn't they all still be together? In my world they would be.....Oh well...either way, it made me smile and flash back on a great time in my life.
          So that's my trip back in time.......how about you? 
        Have you taken any trips down memory lane lately?


PS - The name of the band is The Tubes......

PPS - I can't resist........"When Cameron was in Egypt's land... let my Cameron go!"


  1. I loved your post! Have to admit, I too have been transported to a different place and time, by a song...it's pretty magical!


  2. @ As we speak -

    Thank you!It is pretty amazing to hear a song and immediately remember a certain time in your life. Whether it was a good or bad time, it's amazing how quickly you can be transported. :)

  3. I'll on the lookout for Ferris at the Superbowl! I love when I get teleported back to another time just from hearing a song.

  4. @ Jotter - Let me know what you think of the commercial. There are a ton of references to the movie. Love being teleported :)

  5. I am TOTALLY with you about the music thing. I hear songs and they take me right back. I hear certain songs and I think of middle school dances, how funny is that! I love hearing the music we used in our wedding or danced to at our wedding, it makes me heart flutter!

  6. @ Ruthie - Music from school dances is the best! And every time I hear my wedding song, Grow Old With Me, I get so choked up....:)

    Thanks for sharing!