Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daisy's Big Day.....

So, I realize that I've been MIA lately.......
I've been trying to move myself along in the book writing, which means other things have taken a back seat. That and a longer than expected recovery from my eye surgery (just a lot of annoying eyestrain), has meant no new blog posts. (I also spilled coffee on myself this week, resulting in a 2nd degree burn on my arm, so we're doing just great.)
 I promise to try and get back on track soon, but in the meantime I have a guest host today.......

Anyone who knows my cat Daisy, knows that she has an extreme personality (she pretty much thinks she's human). So I thought she could give an insight into what a typical day is like for her.......

Day 1....Morning
My owners refuse to draw my bath for I'll sit in the tub and wait. I'm sure that I can outlast them.

Breakfast time........they aren't attending to my needs fast enough, so I will just help myself.....can someone help me get this Tupperware open??

Mid-morning.....Time to play who will blink first......or what I like to call torturing my big brother.

Time for my morning amongst yourselves........

 Lunchtime.......can't get the fridge open so I guess I'll just rearrange the magnets for them.

I could look at myself in the mirror all fact I do sometimes.... long as it doesn't interfere with my afternoon nap........

 Late Afternoon......Dammit - they've got some kind of bars on my escape is foiled again! Curses! Oh well, maybe I can see if my big brother wants to play hide and go seek again........

Does it look like I want to play hide and go seek???

Fine.....I'll leave you alone grumpy pants. 
Here I sit.....alone.....waiting for my servants to return from toiling in the fields.....or whatever it is that they do. people have returned and all is right with the world.

All right.....enough with the picture taking! Move along, shows over!


  1. Daisy is awesome (and I say this wistfully, as my two idiots are grabbing each other around the necks and wrestling to, apparently, the death). I'm also impressed with her refrigerator skills. And also that you keep the top of your fridge clear enough for a Daisy. Good luck on the book-writing...let me know how it goes, since I can't seem to start editing mine, and it's been sitting on my desk for months. And for heaven's sake, switch to cold drinks!!

  2. @ Kim - Did I not mention that my children often put on a WWF demonstration on a daily basis. Her brother is twice her size but that doesn't deter her from trying to kick his butt. As for keeping the top of the fridge clear enough for her - seriously? It doesn't matter what is up there - she finds a way up there!

    I spent the whole weekend writing - very productive....someday it will be done, even if no one reads it but me :) Get working on your editing! Is this the one from NaNoWriMo?

    I can't stay away from the matter how dangerous it is to me :)

  3. Always love looking at pictures of the "kids". Daisy is very entertaining! Have missed your blogs but understand why. Our two "kids" keep getting on the kitchen counters now so they look out the window to the backyard. They love the entertainment of the birds and wildlife back there and could sit there for hours. It isn't until you walk in the kitchen when they realize they have been "caught" that they move off the counter. Hope you are on the mend!

  4. @ Jackie - At least yours move off the counter when caught....we had to buy Daisy her own mat for the counter because we can't keep her off. She loves watching the birds :) I'm working on mending....all of it. :)

  5. It must be nice being a cat. Or a dog.

  6. @ Trininista - And it's even nicer to be my cats.....spoiled beyond belief they are....:)