Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Testimonial Tuesdays......

     Something new here folks.....gather around. 
Everyone here? Okay good....

Now, I love trying out new products but I HATE spending my money on something that does not live up to the hype. I don't care that 9 out of 10 doctors recommend the product.....how many people I actually know would recommend the product?

     So in honor of the first Testimonial Tuesday - my first item selected will be......Potato Chips! Normally I do not eat chips.....uhhh let me rephrase that....I don't have chips regularly on hand in my home. The reason for this is that Hubby and I have a weakness when it comes to chips. If we know there is a bag open in the house they call to us like......ummmm.....Mmm? What? Sorry, did someone say something? I couldn't hear you as there's a bag of open chips in the kitchen and they were talking to me....So where was I?
     Oh right, potato chips. As I said Hubby and I do not buy them often because of said weakness, especially when it comes to Salt and Vinegar potato chips. We've tried many kinds but just recently we found two different brands that are going to cause a lot of relapses around here....

The first is Dirty Potato Chips
    I tried a small bag of these from the vending machine at work and could not stop raving about them. I bought a bag for hubby to try and let's just say that the bag didn't live long. There are a few lonely souls left but they're the ones that keep talking to me.....what? Oh that still wasn't you talking huh?

   Well, anyway, if you live for the tang of the vinegar taste then these are for you. They are the thickest, crispiest chips I've ever tasted and if your tongue doesn't hurt when you're done...well maybe you're not human.

          The other brand is Route 11 Potato Chips
We tried them after our jet ski lunch the other day and maybe part of it had to do with us being starving.....but all I can say is wow! If you are a saltaholic like me.....these are for you. 

NOTE - Do not eat without large bottle of water with you. Also, please check with your doctor first as I can't be held responsible if you don't handle sodium well....that's all I'm saying.

Interesting article on how/where they are made, for all you travel buffs who like to make some stops off the beaten path - From Albermarle Magazine.

   So now you've heard from me....I'd love to hear from you. Anything new you've tried lately that made you want to say "You gotta try this!" Come and share with the rest of the class.....and remember if you show up with some chips make sure you have enough for everyone. :)

~ Adrienne


  1. From the Two of Us - You know of course your Mom is a big chip lover and after reading about them and where they are made, those Sweet Potato Chips sound goood.........Not a big chip lover myself but will indulge on occasion when served with a sandwich when eating out ..Where do you get all your ideas from, and you know "confession is good for the soul", as they say......Love all your blogs, keep up the good work,so far you lead me to believe you have great talent for this........LOVE from the Two of Us...

  2. Sorry but I finished the bag before I got here....

  3. @ Jotter - Mmmm well next time you make sure to bring some for everyone :)

  4. @ The Two of Us - Well seeing as how I had salt and vinegar chips 2 times in a week after having gone months without, I figured it was a sign. Plus I was reading a review online about something and figured I could come up with my own review.....and really, I just want someone else to share the chip addiction. :)

  5. My weakness in the line of chips is BBQ chips. I have tried Wegs brand (wavy) of course, Lay's, and now I've tried Aldi's brand (which is quite good I might add - has a sweet tangy flavor to it). Great now I want some chips and it's too late at night to be eating them! Thanks for getting me hooked on them Sis!

    Another addiction I tend to try different kinds of is Chocolate Truffles! Gotta luv them....Lindt truffles are good and the ones from Harry & David (special order catalog)!

  6. @ Jackie - Yes Weg's are very good too. Sorry about making you want chips. I'll confess the ones in my cupboard didn't survive much past that day.

    Lindt truffles are amazing. At one of my previous jobs our clients would bring them in as a gift at Christmas.....not good for the waistline. The dark chocolate are the best.....