Sunday, July 31, 2011

You can't make this stuff up......Part II

                                                             Hubby and I attended a rock concert Friday night with Instigator (see Green Acres Post) and his girlfriend. The show was part of a free summer concert series, that is promoted as being on the waterfront, when in actuality the shows are held down the road from the water in a glorified parking lot. But as the headliners were a band we've enjoyed seeing in the past, we were excited to attend. Let me preface this by saying that the headlining band put on a good show, however we had no idea that a majority of the evening's entertainment would actually take place in the the crowd. As you probably know, I like to people watch and come up with characters based on them......The stories I could come up with based on the "characters" at this show would fill a bookcase.
          The concert actually featured a couple of other bands, so the show itself began at 5pm and went until 11pm. Mind you, that means the serving of beverages also starts at 5pm and ends at 11pm. We arrived at the show right as the main band was taking the stage and it was immediately clear that the beverages had been flowing steadily (a little too much for some.) We made our way through the packed house and within seconds my friend was body checked into me by a large gentleman who seemed to have possibly overindulged in beverages, which clearly impaired his ability to see her. Shortly after that,we watched him trip over a metal barricade, which I believe he may have also tried to argue with. We decided to keep walking, hoping to find a section with a little more breathing room and ironically found that the only spot (where you were not being jostled/run into/stepped on/crashed into) was in front of the beverage area. From this spot we had a clear view of much of the crowd and what a view it was. 
           Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep! We interrupt this blog post for a very special Public Service Announcement. As I stated earlier the band is a Rock Band and they play loud music which sometimes contains adult content. So to the young woman I observed rocking your baby to the sweet strains of the bands cover of Gimme Shelter, as lovely as the song is - it is NOT a lullaby. Your baby's poor little ears are going to be ruined before they reach the age of 1! So not cool. And to all the other parent's who were there with babies (and by baby I mean any child under the age of 5 which I saw waaaayyyy too many of), perhaps you were not aware that this concert was not exactly a family friendly affair. But to the man with his (I'm guessing) 3 year old son on his shoulders; watching him bounce up and down and scream like crazy to Control, was so many kinds of wrong, I can't even begin to explain. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post. 


           So, as I was saying, the people watching was very entertaining. I must say the clothing choices were extremely original. People choose to express themselves in such creative ways. Although it did seem that shirts and shoes (!) were optional, there were some standout costumes outfits that deserve an award. Without further ado.......
  • Gentleman whose T-shirt swore at me not once, not twice, but three times (there may have even been some sign language on it.)
  • Larry The Cable Guy's twin brother - The Confederate army called and would like their flag suspenders back.        
  • Lady wearing flowing, green evening gown with silver, sequined, LARGE, purse - obviously you were on your way to a prom and got lost. Hope you at least got to dance. 
  • Gentleman artfully balancing a cigarette, can of beer and a blow up PINK guitar...your manliness was....well....there are no words to describe it.
  • Shirtless dude (I know there were a lot of you so calm down) dancing in front of the beer truck, holding 4 beers at once. The ladies with you were lucky girls and so clearly impressed by the skills you were demonstrating.
  • All the men/women displaying farrrrr too much skin - The saying "left nothing to the imagination" was invented with you in mind.
  • Honorable mention - Goes to all those men/women who believed that 
    • a.) an overabundance of alcohol beverages made them more attractive.
    • b.) overabundance of alcohol beverages made the person they were flirting with more attractive.

      Thank you to all who participated in the voting - we'll have some lovely party gifts for our winners.....  As I've said before.....You can't make this stuff up!          


  1. Great blog! So funny how you describe everything....look forward to reading all your blogs!

  2. @ Jackie - thanks, :) and thanks to all of the people who do such funny things and allow me to observe...LOL

  3. Concerts are a magnet for all sorts of craziness. Definitely a people watchers dream!

  4. @ Jotter - I probably could have picked up on even more things but I did have to watch some of the real show :)

  5. Adrienne...You are hilarious! Great writing. I look forward to more reading!

  6. @ Rachel - Awww thank you! Isn't it funny that we both wrote on the same topic so close together? I love your blog too and I really hope you keep writing! :)