Monday, August 1, 2011

Testimonial Tuesdays.....

               Okay - round two of Testimonial Tuesdays. This one is for all of you looking to add something a little healthy to your diet (which would probably be good if you took my advice on the last Testimonial Tuesday and bought any of those chips!)

           Today's featured product is Yogurt - specifically Greek Yogurt. For those of you not familiar with this, Greek yogurt is lower in sugar and higher in protein that regular yogurt. Now I will admit that the taste may take a little getting used to for some people. The plain version has a very distinctive, tart flavor. However, adding a little fruit or honey definitely helps. Many of the companies who make Greek Yogurt are now coming out with flavored versions as well. Now that it's becoming a popular choice for people looking for healthier options, a lot of yogurt companies are jumping on the band wagon to produce their own versions. For me, I like the companies who were the original pioneers so I'm sticking with my two personal favorites: Chobani and Brown Cow.

Chobani was my first foray into the Greek yogurt world. I tend to stick with the original plain version and doctor it up myself with honey and all kinds of fresh fruit, especially this time of year. I'll let you in a little secret; for those of you who like sour cream on your baked potatoes or tacos....use Chobani. Can't tell the difference. Plus, you'll get more protein, half the fat and Probiotics.  Oh and if you decide to try to substitute this in your house....don't tell anyone. I made the mistake of telling Hubby about this beforehand and he won't try it as he's convinced he won't be able to get past the yogurt flavor. So yes, I am condoning long as it's good for some one's health. :)

Now if you want flavored yogurt, my preference is Brown Cow.
(No, not these kinds of cows)

I especially like the strawberry and honey versions. It has a very smooth, rich texture and you can add fruit if you want but it's great on it's own as well. 

Now keep in mind that Greek Yogurt does tend to be more expensive than regular. The 5.3 oz size of Brown Cow is $.99 vs about $.40 for the average store brand. But again, you'll make up for it in health benefits. (Brown Cow also offers coupons on their website)

And just remember...if you're going to introduce something healthy into your household.....lie :)

~ Adrienne


  1. FROM the TWO of US : LIE, LIE are you for real, you weren't brought up that way ? How shocking to see something like that in print, you could have said something like this " this is a new topping for your potato that I would like you to try and give me an honest opinion of what you like about it ". Oh well we know welcome to the "real world", just keep up the good work really enjoy them and all your topics.. This is fun for us to see you in print............

  2. @ Us - If Hubby would cooperate I would not need to lie to him. It's for his own good. :)

  3. That's what I try to tell my own hubby....still waiting for that one to work....This is what I get....
    Hubby: "What are you making?
    Me: It's a new recipe.
    Hubby: we're the guinea pigs?
    Me: You haven't tried it yet.
    Hubby: We'll see. Johnny your mom's experimenting again....

    Yep...still waiting...

  4. @ Jackie - Here's what my answer would be to the "we're the new guinea pigs?" question- "I'm not sure what you'll be eating as this is for me. Until you learn to be nicer to the person feeding you, you'll be finding your own meals"....

    I'm wondering what the response would be there?
    :) :) :) :)

  5. Good answer!!!!! Of course I have told him, "There is a diner down the street!" That usually works for me......

  6. I LOVE Chobani too, and they recently started carrying it in our local Save-a-Lot store (like Aldi's)--Bonus!! I hadn't tried the plain until just recently, and you're right, it does taste just like sour cream. I mixed a little powdered ranch dressing mix with it and used it as a dip, delicious!

  7. @Amanda - Ironically my parent's went to ALDI right after I said that I wished they would carry Greek Yogurt and now they do! It's not Chobani and I haven't tried it yet so I can't say how good it is. They also picked up some Chobani at Save a lot. Another great tip is to mix the plain with cinnamon and use it as a dip for peaches and nectarines. YUM! Thanks for stopping by! :)