Sunday, August 7, 2011

Silent Sunday......

 Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend. Since Sunday is officially the day of rest, I'm going to be short on words today. Instead, just a few pictures, some flowers from my garden to (hopefully) make you smile. Have a great day and we'll talk next week :)

~ Adrienne


  1. You are the Charles Kuralt of Sunday morning blogs.

  2. @ Jotter -

    Awww thanks, LOL! :)
    And congrats on your award from the conference. You should send it to the "lady" from your critique group :)

  3. Beautiful flowers....I especially love the purple ones!

  4. Great way to keep up with posts... I need to do this more often. Love the pretty pictures, your garden must be lovely.

  5. @ Jackie and Barbara - Thank you both. I just thought with all the bad stuff in the world it would be nice to see something pretty. :) The red, purple and orange flowers are from this years garden. The yellow ones with the spots were crazy flowers from last year where each they literally bloomed and died in the same day, so unless you were there to witness it, you missed them completely!