Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey, It's OK

             There's a women's magazine that features a page each month called Hey, It's Ok!, which gives a list of random items that are "OK".
While a majority of the items are mainly humorous,(a recent example,ironically was "Hey, It's ok if you still don't have a blog, don't ever plan on having a blog, don't really care about blogs, period.)

             So, while I don't love that example, I do love the idea behind it.
Here's my list of things that I think are OK. :)

Hey, It's OK to.....

1.) Have more books than you have bookshelves for. They make great doorstops, nightstands, centerpieces, etc.....

2.) Still wonder if there really is a man in the moon.......and if it's really made of cream cheese.

3.) To express your beliefs in a way that won't alienate your friends and family. There's never a need for put downs or angry words......

..........We can all get along if we just try to see things from another point of view.

4.) To still need to sleep with a stuffed animal now and then....we all have bad days.

5.) To believe that you can make just as good a meal as those fancy restaurants. (Dinner tonight!)

What would make your list of OK's?



  1. My "ok" is that it's ok for me to not have the latest "smartphone". I am content for the moment with my cheap trackphone that I have to buy the minutes for every once in a while. This way there is no monthly bill to pay for. Your fancy dinner by the way looks amazing! And I too sleep with a stuffed animal at night, his name is Mo and he's furry and purrs, a lot, and hogs my side of the bed. My other stuffed animal hogs the other side of the bed....and snores....but I love him just the same and wouldn't trade him in for anything in the world. Love you dear!

  2. @ Jackie
    I too have a stuffed animal that purrs a lot :) She does make everything better though including the bad days,as does Hubby.

    Oh and if you come visit I'll cook for you too :)