Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Testimonials......

Pretty much everyone I know is looking for ways to shed a few pounds (and if you aren't, please see me after class so you can explain this concept to me.) 

I started on a plan this summer to not just lose some weight, but to also become healthier overall. Part of that plan is to limit the amount of sugar as well as carbs that I take in. I'm not eliminating carbs all together, just trying to be healthier in those that I choose. I had read that it's better to have your carbs in the morning because you typically need the energy earlier in the day and you'll burn it off faster. Now, those of you who know me, may be familiar with my distaste for cereal. I don't mind cereal on it's own, you know, straight out of the box? But with the milk it just gets soggy....I have flashbacks of me pushing cereal around my bowl as a child trying to figure out how to get out of eating it. :( 

So this has been a pretty hard adjustment for me to make. In addition, most cereals, even the "healthy" ones, tend to be high in sugar. The plan I was following touted Grape Nuts as a good choice for a low sugar, cereal at 5 grams. Well it also tastes a bit like gravel.....but I digress. So I began a search for something with a little more "taste." I came across Fiber One's new cereal - Fiber One 80 Calories. A serving size is 3/4 cup, which is 80 calories and 6 grams of sugar. This is only 1 gram above Gravel Grape Nuts, so I was a little skeptical about how well it could taste. Well I must say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. It reminded me a little of the Honey Grahams cereal from our childhood. (Again, one that tastes good right out of the box) Nice right? 

I've learned a couple of tricks too. If I mix it with a serving of Cheerios (1 gram of sugar!) I get a bigger serving size and a healthy, tasty breakfast at that. I also barely douse it with milk (no soggies and lower calories) or I mix it with plain yogurt. Either way, I'm like an adult now, learning to try new foods. :) 

Yeah me

Anyone else out there on the in the same boat who would like to share a healthy new food they've discovered??

~ Adrienne


  1. I have found the perfect breakfast food! Like you I've have a love/hate relationship with cereal. My problem is that I tend to eat too much of it because it doesn't curb my hunger long enough. The answer is a Super Smoothie:
    8 oz. unsweetened almond milk, 1 banana, 2 tbls wheat germ, 1 spoon full peanut butter, 1 tbls cinnamon, 1 tbls honey, 3 heaping spoons of plain non fat yogurt. Blend it all together & enjoy. It's delicious, satisfying & healthy. I've heard good things about honey & cinnamon. I'm convinced that having this smoothie regularly has kept cold & flu bugs away from me!

  2. @ Kathy - I'm with you on the "it doesn't fill me up" complaint. This one seems to do ok so far (maybe because it's pretty high in fiber?) But your smoothie does sound pretty yummy....too late for me on the cold issue though LOL...

  3. I'm not a big cereal fan either. I've been enjoying plain greek yogurt with granola and berries. It's enough to fill me up and keep me going most of the day. When I do eat cereal it's usually great grains.

    I love smoothies for lunch.

  4. @ Barbara - I do love granola too but the sugar content is rough...I try to sprinkle just a little on top of the regular cereal.

    Mmmmm maybe we need to do a smoothie testimonial :)