Sunday, October 23, 2011


It's Sunday....that means another week done and another one begins. So what did I learn this week?

Barnes and Noble is a great place to observe people
Yesterday morning I spent 4 hours at my local B&N churning out another chapter of the book. Now and then I'd take a break to look around, gather my thoughts, stretch my eyes, and I noticed something new each time.

  • Gentleman in salmon colored shorts - I'm not sure which disturbed me more; the pink shade of the shorts or the fact that it was about 40 degrees out.
  • Girl putting 10 sugar packets (and announcing it to her friend and the room) in her coffee. Her dentist must LOVE her.
  • Man sitting at a table by himself in the middle of the room, talking on the phone (loudly) detailing his personal life to anyone listening. Thank God for my headphones.
  • Young woman sitting at the fireplace knitting. The knitting wasn't so much what I noticed, as much as her behavior while knitting. First of all she was smiling, A LOT and would periodically look around the room and then smile more. My conclusion? Either she has elevated knitting to a form of meditation, or she was also doing some people observing and was picturing the characters in her head.....I want to read her book.

Rituals make life better
Hubby and I have number of rituals that we adhere to throughout the year.

Ice cream on the way to the lake to go jet skiing.

Wine tasting and pumpkin gathering with friends.

Watching Ghost Hunters every Wednesday night, straining to hear the voices they hear or see the things they see. 

Each Thanksgiving we pick out/cut down our Christmas tree at his Aunt and Uncle's house.

Watching Christmas Vacation and laughing like it's the first time we've seen it.....(quoting from it incessantly as well :)

Last night we completed the second half of our pumpkin gathering ritual, by actually carving them. Each year I pick the pattern, clean them out and make roasted pumpkin seeds while Hubby does the actual carving. (We always have some extra help as you can see).
                                                                                                Rituals - give me something to look forward to each season, a way for us to spend more time together and memories that will last a lifetime......

Good friends can be the best medicine...............

This week was a pretty tough one (just a lot of turmoil that added up to a lot of stress.) One of my best friends invited me to come to her house and hang out Thursday night. When I got there she made me a wonderful panini and butternut squash soup.
After dinner we had cookies and tea and sat on her couch and just talked. Four hours went by and we had not stopped talking once. We hadn't had a night like this in ages (the hustle and bustle of life can just take over sometimes), but we were right back on the same page in no time. No we didn't solve the world's problems during that time, but she helped me talk through some things and reinforced what I've always thought......a good friend can always heal what ails you. 
Thanks Bestie!

What lessons did you learn?



    1. Loved your post, not too long, not too short,
      just right!

      One thing I learned this week is to read blogs that I haven't read before. I am happy to have discovered yours!


    2. @ As We Speak -

      Awww thank you so much! I love having new readers drop by. I see a new blog each week that I love, but it's so hard to keep up with them all!

      Thanks for stopping in!