Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Testimonials....

Blame it on your Jeans......

Recently a friend and I were discussing the horrors of trying to find jeans that fit properly.
"You should write a post about that!" she said. 
So Kristin - this is for you....

It just so happened that I was going that same day to look for a new pair of jeans. The majority of jeans that I have are either too baggy (yeah for weight loss) or are starting to get holes in them. I thought it was time to make the dreaded trek to try on new jeans, so I headed to my favorite clothing store, NY & Company. I've had good luck with their jeans in the past and I had some City Cash to spend. I grabbed 2 pairs of their Low Rise Boot Cut/Average. One pair was in the size I normally took, and one size was what I hoped I could take. I dove headfirst into the smaller pair and (Insert Happy Dance) they fit!! This is one of the things that I love about NY & Company. They don't shred your self esteem by telling you that the size you normally take won't work in their store. Unlike those smaller boutique stores (you know who you are) where I can't get my big toe into my normal size.

So, while I was dancing around the dressing room, basking in the joy of a smaller size, I overheard a conversation taking place between the woman in the room next to me and her husband, who was waiting outside.

Husband - "Well, what do you think?"
Wife - "Mmmmm they're too big."
Husband - "That was the size 4 right? Do you want me to grab you the size 2?"
Wife - "Yeah could you?"
A few moments later after wife has the size 2, she apparently emerges to show them off.

Husband - "They look good on you."
Wife - "Mmmm I think they may still be too big."
Husband - "But they look good on you."
Wife - "Yeah I just don't think they look right on me......"
Husband - "Well I think they look good on you, but do you want to try the zero?"

(I'm crying internally at the moment and fighting the urge to scream "they're a size 2!!! and he thinks you look good!" over the wall at her.)
      So I collect my items and take my size_____ jeans to the counter, a tiny bit deflated. But then I wonder, why do we women do this to ourselves??? I was so excited 5 minutes ago about being able to wear a smaller size jean, so why was it diminished the second I heard that the person next to me could wear an even smaller size?

     Why was it that the woman who could wear a size 2, was so caught up in obsessing over what she thought looked wrong, that she couldn't hear the obvious appreciation in her husband's voice when he looked at her? Maybe the problem isn't always with the jeans, but with how we view ourselves.

      So for today ladies, I ask that you treat yourself with more kindness when you look in the mirror. Smile at yourself, point out your assets and not what's wrong with your.....well you get the point. :)

And when your husband, boyfriend, friend, strangers, pay you a compliment - TAKE IT!!

~ Adrienne


  1. Well said and so true. Life is just too short to
    base our attractiveness on numbers or other women's numbers! #BrowniesForEveryone


  2. I remember going on a diet when I was a size 6. Those days are over sister! However, you are absolutely correct here.

  3. @ Opinions -

    And yet we do it so often don't we?
    I'm going to do my best to stop :)

  4. @ Barbara - Crazy isn't it?? The world would be a boring place if we all looked the same....thank God for diversity - time to celebrate it!

  5. Well said my dear. We are often time so busy listening to our inner voice telling us what is wrong, we don't hear the outside voices telling us what is right. In my case, it is my boys telling me how pretty I look almost every day - even when I have just thought I look like a hag.

  6. @ Jotter - I agree completely....that we do it to ourselves - not that you look like a hag. You my dear couldn't look like a hag if you tried :)