Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday Testimonials......

Tuesday Testimonial Rant........

Today's testimonial is actually more of a rant. I apologize in advance for anyone I might offend by this (but I'm really hoping you agree with what I have to say.) I'm stealing this idea from my friend over at Jotter Girl. She has a series of posts she refers to as Open Letters. The letters are aimed at stores, celebrities, etc. Basically anyone she needs to get something off her chest about. I think she's definitely onto something here.....

My testimonial is aimed at a certain Buffalo Bills football player, who demonstrated a clear lack of judgement, class, intelligence, brain cells....(you get the picture) during the Bills game against the Jets yesterday. For anyone who may have missed the incident , Stevie Johnson chose to put on an elaborate dance, celebrating a touchdown, while at the same time mocking, Plaxico Burress of the Jets. The "dance" resulted in a penalty, thereby negating the touchdown, a touchdown that probably would have won the game for the Bills by the way. The Jets turned around and scored a touchdown, by none other than Plaxico Burress (oh the irony.) The Bills did have one last opportunity to win the game when Ryan Fitzpatrick delivered a perfectly thrown ball to none other than Stevie Johnson, only to have it bounce sadly out of his hands. Interestingly, there was no dance this time.......So here is my Open Letter to Stevie Johnson.

Dear Stevie -

Seriously? Celebrating with an ridiculous dance after scoring a touchdown?

Pssst! Hey Stevie? In the Real World, what you did (scoring a touchdown), would be considered completing a days work. The next time you're out in the Real World, take a look around. When the waitress brings your food, the cashier counts out your change, the mechanic changes the oil in your car, the doctor completes your physical (I can go on but I hope you get the point), check out what they do after. Ask yourself these questions:

Are they doing any kind of celebration dance?
Are they taunting the other employees about doing a better job?
Are they flapping their arms like 5 year olds?

No? Oh right, maybe it's because:

A.) They don't make a living playing a "game."
B.) They're adults, not children
C,) In the Real World their behavior would result in being fired, or at the very least suspended. (Which by the way would have happened if you worked for me.)

But, in today's world where money is the Almighty Word (Penn St??), this will never happen. Winning the game and making fast money is much more important than setting an example for all of the kids out there, who sadly look up to you Mr. Johnson. The love of the game is gone and has been replaced by dollars and cents (sadly not that sense).

Oh, and for a team that has lost 4 games in a row, I would think you'd be a little more humble about one measly touchdown. I could have maybe given you the benefit of the doubt,had you owned up to the mistake like a Man, but listening to your comments on the news coverage tonight - I have lost all respect. Not only did you make a half hearted attempt at an apology, but when asked about the (perfect) pass that you dropped at the end of the game, you slyly indicated that it was Ryan Fitzpatrick's fault, as the pass was "not where I expected it to be".

Seriously? Seriously? There really are no words left to say......



PS Oh, and after you dropped that pass I noticed there was no dance.....
There's no dance for messing up at work?
Hmmmmm......maybe you should work on that one.
I'm pretty sure I can see more opportunities to use it in your future.

So.......anyone else want to add to my letter?


  1. Well, I guess you told him! I think you just about covered everything...can't think of anything you left out.


  2. @ Opinions -

    Sorry, guess I get a little riled up sometimes. :)
    Maybe I could have added - What would your mother say??

  3. Maybe you should post the letter to the editor you wrote about Alonzo Mourning (was that the right player??? I forget) seem to be on a good roll! Good for you.....Didn't see the game but after your description got a very clear picture!

  4. @ Jackie -

    LOL! I completely forgot about that!!
    Yeah...hmmmm...guess I seem to have an anger issue with spoiled, childish, athletes. :)

  5. How could you forget that one???! As I recall you went on a long "tirade" with that athlete as well. Yes you do go on.....but with good reason to. Take care!

  6. I hold all of these assholes responsible for ruining my autumn for the 2nd year in a row. I used to love football, then my team hired Michael Vick. That did it for me. Then I looked around at all the felons who play, the cheaters (patriots) who think they're above it all, the quasi-rapists... it was enough to choke on.

    You are absolutely right... it's a game! and they act like children.
    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  7. @ Jackie - Yup, I do go on.....but you love me!

  8. @ Barbara -

    YEAH!!! Love it when someone else vents the way that I do!

    I'm so with you on the Michael Vick thing (Supposedly Buffalo looked at him too - sad that anyone looked).

    The more they are rewarded the worse their behavior seems to become. They've ruined it for all of the true fans out there.

    Thanks for venting with me! :)

  9. I dont' follow football, but I certainly chuckled when you wrote that for a team that hadn't won in a while, they should have been more humbled by that one touchdown! Touché!

  10. @ Sandra -

    The funny thing is they've had a couple of bad years and they started this season off going like 4 and 0 which was huge. They followed it up losing the next 4....not so huge. So again, nothing like getting ahead of yourself. :)

    But, I'm glad I made you laugh....thanks for stopping by!