Friday, September 23, 2011

Falling for.........

A few (short) months back, I wrote a post extolling the virtues of summer, my favorite time of year. Sadly, it's over and we have moved onto fall. Normally this is the time of year when I begin my rant regarding the weather and my sadness over summer disappearing. However, this is a new year, one in which I am focused more on things to be thankful for, and less on things to complain about. I need to find good things in the everyday, rather than living for one season.  So in honor of today, the official 1st, full day of fall, I'd like to point out some of the things I'm looking forward to with the change of season.

Fuzzy Sweaters and cozy boots

Amazing colors of the leave changing

Annual tradition of carving pumpkins with Hubby

Homemade applesauce, apple pies, apple anything.....

Adorable knee high socks

Big pots of soup, chili and stew

Mulled wine (YUM!)

Pumpkin, Apple and Wine, outing with our friends at Brown's Berry Patch, Becker Farms and Marjim Manor

Nights spent in front of the fireplace

See, there's a lot that I like about this's just that......well......I know what comes after......

So, what are you looking forward to???

~ Adrienne



  1. Next Thursday! My day off from work....for us it's a holiday at school so we get to have a day off. I look forward to just the little things, unfortunately we have to come back the next day (you would think the district would have orchestrated that a little better...). But beggars can't be choosers.... The next thing I'm looking forward to is Nov. other day off. See the pattern here??? LOL....

  2. @ Jackie - I would so be falling for that too! Lucky you..... :)

  3. I'm grateful for a triumphant conclusion to a very crazy busy week and looking forward to getting back to normal. Also looking forward to parking my arse on the couch for a day!

  4. @ Barbara - I hear ya! Hope your arse and your couch were good friends today! :)

  5. Adrienne,
    Great post. I am right there with you. Spring with it's promise of new life and Summer with its lazy days are by far my very favorites...The other 2...not so much. Thanks for the effort to making the forst day of Fall appealing. There is so much to be thankful for and so much beauty around this season...then there's the next season.........

  6. @ Michele - Thanks! I agree it's so much easier to find good things about Spring and Summer but like I said. it's my goal to be more positive. I think it will be a lot harder with the next season. :)

  7. Fall is my very favorite time of year!!! This year fall will bring me 50 years old. Yikes, can't say I am looking forward to that part of it.

  8. @ Jotter - 50 is nothing! It's the new 30, haven't you heard? :) By the way....when exactly this fall....will you be celebrating? :)